“Teach the Teacher”

Rio de Janeiro, as the host of World Cup 2014, Olympic Games 2016, and Para-Olympics 2016, must have a bi-lingual workforce qualified to fill numerous jobs related to these international events. To meet this need, thousands of Brazilians living in the communities in the Olympic clusters must be trained in.

The Atlanta-Rio de Janeiro Sister Cities Foundation (ARJSCF) has developed a program to teach Brazilians English and Spanish in conjunction with specific job skills training, and technological training. The program includes a “Teach the Teacher” Pilot program and a technology system to support on-going training.

ARJSCF will utilize its expertise, resources, and partnerships to develop and deliver the programs, and to provide teachers and trainers. The Foundation will also work collaboratively with the Rio government, and Rio and U.S. community organizations, schools, and corporations to secure funding, teachers, computers, training facilities and other resources required to deliver this adult language and skills training program.

This program will improve the quality of life for individuals and families by delivering skills that will equip them to secure jobs and increase their earning potential.

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